Featured Article: Learning to Run

After starting our Runners Gone Wild movement, we are truly inspired by some of our fellow runners. Hunter Woodhall is a United States Track & Field Paralympian running without both his legs. After the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Woodhall’s school and city in Syracuse, Utah, declared September 15th as “Hunter Woodhall Day.”

hunter-woodhall-3My name is Hunter Woodhall and I am a double amputee. I am missing both my legs but still love to run. I was the first double amputee to be a state champion my junior year in Utah.

I was born with a bone deficiency that caused doctors to believe I would never walk. My feet were deformed and were amputated when I was 11 months old. I never let the struggles stop me in my pursuit to become a runner. I am now 17 years old and I am the fastest high schooler to ever come out of Utah in the 400m or 200m (Able body)! Along with being a top 5 nationally ranked high school runner as a junior. I’m a senior now and I’m excited to continue my career in track and field and hope to have lots of amazing experiences!

hunter-woodhall-2 hunter-woodhall-4

“They told me I would never walk, so I learned to run instead.”


Written by Hunter Woodhall  imgres

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